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the vine

Ampelos (ἄμπελος) is the ancient Greek for “Vine” In an etiology told by Nonnus, the vine is personified as a beautiful satyr youth, who was loved by the god Dionysus. According to Nonnus, Ampelos was gored to death by a wild bull after he mocked the goddess Selene, Upset by his death, Dionysus transformed Ampelos’s body into the first grape vine and created wine from […]

Woodlands Wine Company

  Commissioned Piece for the Woodlands Wine Company

The Pour

Fleur De Lis

For my favorite Saints fan… Note the detail, I used black and gold foils and overlapped them so that the wording would still be in alignment.

South African Sunset Chardonnay

This piece was done for a couple after their visit to South Africa. It was inspired by a story they told of drinking wine at sunset overlooking the elephants on the savannah. The scene is inverted in the glass.

Wine Glass and Bottle

  One of my first pieces done for an art contest that never happened. Luckily the Woodlands Wine Company offered to market it in their store and it sold very well!